Angry Birds Run

Angry Birds Run to say that in the game genre Run 2 influential and most attractive for the gaming community.


This game costs $ 0.99 on the App Store. The free version for Android phones also bring in revenue of $ 1 million / month through advertising. Meanwhile Rovio, a small company in Finland, only cost $ 100,000 to develop the game.

Because the starting point of the genre Run 2 so basically Angry Birds Run is easier to play, but very addictive. Rovio said that users worldwide have played an average of 200 million minutes per day. Never before has a mobile game to fever worldwide such. Angry Birds Run, attracting a total of 50 million downloads in a year, is the first step from a smartphone screen into real life.

Angry Birds Run received a lot of praise for the combination of new gameplay, rich, comic style and low price. The popularity of this game it has given up the PC and console platforms. With about 300 million downloads across all platforms and all versions, Angry Birds Run is considered “one of the games tend to dominate today’s most powerful”, “a successful game 2010’s excellent “and” applications on the mobile platform’s most successful the world has ever seen “.

Your task in the game genre is very simple Run 2 which is dominated by Angry Birds jump over the obstacles in the game. And you only have to use a single key to control your bird jump over the pit of death. It sounds very boring, but when entering the game, you really can not take your eyes off the screen when the contract with colorful birds.

Play this fun game right in Run 2 to help the birds to your colors as fast as you can.

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Mario Swift Run

Mario Swift Run is one of the best online games in Run 2.


Your goal in this game is very simple, it is to help Mario to run as far as you can, collect all the gold coins, avoid the dangerous obstacles and enemies approaching the castle’s boss . Approach and meet their queen but beware of enemies and traps, try to hit checkpoints to avoid restarting from the first to collect all the coins and make a high score with conviction fun.

Come to the game of this genre Run 2, the plumber uncle fans will quickly recognize the familiar game play like Super Mario Bros. senior old days, only better graphics. You can only go forward, jumping up and down. In this game Mario must overcome increasingly difficult levels gradually. You just have to touch the screen to Mario jump. The longer it touches Mario jump higher. Simple as that.

If you jump into a particular area, you can make Mario move faster. For example, when you jump on a ceiling in the particular area they can help you overcome obstacles with ease. Jumping on the arrows to help Mario turned up very high, and this helps you to eat are the very high gold coins which can not normally get.

There are 3 modes of play are designed for this type of game Run 2 is a single-player mode, play mode “Toad Rally” and the final mode using gold coins that you collect to build “Mushroom Kingdom” . Currently, there is no information how to play this mode is.

Mario Swift Run will free downloads. But you’ll have to buy things in the game like other games.

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Free Run 2 Unblocked At School

Run 2 is that the game is very popular not only with children but also many other mature believers game.

Go to Run 2, players can entertain at any place and any time can only activate a click.


Link :

Participate in this game, you will have to run, run and run very fast to overcome many obstacles and win.

Run 2 provides intense wall jumping fun with sudden obstacles. As you cross every level, you will be credited with some “game credits” which you can utilize to enhance your running quality by purchasing better shoes etc.

Run 2 reflects a strong desire in players for fantasy that just exists in Cool math Games. People like to forget reality for an hour so the game is always their desired world. Jumping into the game is to know what math for kids has. Now, you should be conscious that time doesn’t stop and wait you. Help your figure work well and reach the next level. The more levels you conquer, the higher scores you get. Don’t get around anymore. Play Run 2 now!

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Play Run 2 Unbocked

Continue to conquer a long journey with Run 2 game now!


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This time, you will have a chance to explore another fancy space full of dangers. Run 2 is a really simple game. You first choose between a runner and a skater and after that you will be using the right and left arrow keys and the space bar to navigate through the course.

You can always modify these controls though. The runner is easier to control but can’t jump as far. The skater is harder to control the can jump farther. As you navigate the course you will have to collect yellow circles that will provide bonuses to your score.

There are tons of different levels that you can play that offer varying challenges and get progressively more difficult. You can walk on walls simply by touching them.

There are some really cool physics involved in Run 2 game that will really test your thinking and challenges skills as a gamer.

Make an effort to reach further distance and collect the bonuses on your way!

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