The interesting point of the Run 2 game

If you are a believer in the run game game of the series, for sure you will not be missed Run 2 – the game has attracted more than 10 million hits and thousands of game play.


Run 2 is a free running game in which the rules are just to do everything you can to reach your destination. You can jump and run on walls and gravity does not play a role in this game as everything takes place in outer space. There are some yellow orb you collect – but only if you have the time to do it.

There are many platforms on your way in this 3D games and you can choose your own path. You can run and jump normally from road to road, but if your front gap is too big, you should try to run and jump on the side walls.

There is a special note when you play Run 2 which is absolutely not reduce his speed on the track and had to respond quickly to the challenge or you will lose network.If you fall off the platform, you will end in space and you have to restart the level from the start. You can continue to experiment with different paths, if you want to reach the yellow orbs and score some additional points.

These levels will continue to get more complex and the finish line will be farther and farther. You will have to concentrate 100% to get there because a mistake is all it takes to fall off and no stage. You can return to any previous round you have completed and try to collect the orbs or replay it, so once you unlock a level, you will always have access to it.

Run 2 is a fun game and difficult, so it is best suited for those who never back down from a challenge.

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Awesome Run

Awesome Run is one of the last brand new game was released not long game genre Run 2.


Expectations than expected in this game Awesome Run really attract players with many unique features, engaging and fun can be listed as:
★ Game runs perfectly for everyone.
★ beautiful graphics, exciting sound.
★ Open Achievements and compete with friends.
★ Collect money and spend it in stores
★ Simple and easy, but not easy to conquer
★ many new outfits to choose from.
★ It’s free!

Awesome Run true to say, as well as a similar kind of game genre Run 2, thus also towards highly entertaining, improve thinking, intelligence and agility.

In Run 2 game types, players will be transformed into an athlete athletics and become a player representing a country you love. Let’s race to the finish line in the Run Awesome! First you will have to makeup for my character. Then you will have to prepare to play Around the approach championed. You can eat the bottle of water on the road to speed.

Awesome Run is a fun sports games and attractions. You can play this game online for free at any sites.

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Run Run Ran

Ran Run Run is an exciting game and colorful novelty that you can play online at any site of Run 2.


In this game, you will be returned to the land of mysterious Egypt, where there are so many mysterious stories. You will play a girl who escapes from the palace of the evil emperor, by the agile movements avoid port casks and animals on the run. Me Or take a lot of gold to be able to upgrade the skills of the shop, while on the road Please note that grab icons 2X will double the number of gold coins obtained, the magnet will help you collect money on the way wolf head easily and will turn you into a big wolf and launched more quickly overcome obstacles.

Game genre Run 2 is also very simple gameplay as any kind of inquisitive play could belong laoij this game. However it is important to come up with Run Run Ran, you will experience a world of dramatic action, mysterious but no less dramatic, suspense. The graphics of this game are also rated quite high and then from the processing quality.

Run 2 really is a very attractive game news items in his magical world. Deliver your girl with all the ability and his agility. Good luck.

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Run Ninja Run 2

Run Ninja Run 2 is an adrenaline action game and engaging in a series of games of that type Run 2.


Link :
Following the dramatic action and suspense in part, in Run 2 you will continue to play a Ninja and go through the different levels with thousands challenges and obstacles on the road to complete the task .
In the series of genre Run 2 Run Ninja thus actually more like a game of reflexes and must use your skills to make the jump and slide.
Run 2 really attractive and appealing players dig dramatic action sequences and play unique enemies. In this game, you will need to use all the skill and agility of myself to be able to defeat enemies, overcome obstacles and collect coins along the way.
Run Ninja Run 2 with all 14 levels for players to enjoy the experience and skills as well as challenges of the self. While the move has some gold coins are placed where you have to collect them to continue with the operation and implementation of the attack through the enemy so that you can survive and will not lose the game easily.
Game genre Run 2 unblocked interface is designed with relatively simple but not boring fake and still serve the basic criteria help players completely relaxed and easy action.
Run Ninja Run 2 is an action game Ninja By scoring. So let’s use all of their skills and weapons when you to be able to collect and upgrade the level of the game.
With the help of the useful new upgrade, you can kill your enemies with a dangerous style moves and attack them easily. When you collect the items efficiently, you run through the game with new levels to create enough distance between you and the ninja who keep chasing.

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Run Ninja Run

Run Ninja Run game free online action under Run 2 action game series, inspired by games such as Canabalt and Flood Runner.


Link :
Play Run Ninja Run for free and online on the Run 2 unblocked. Escape enemies by jumping and sliding of over and under obstacles with the arrow keys. Help the ninja run as far as impossible!

Come to the game of Run 2, players will be transformed into a ninja character. Your task is simply running away from danger with a high-speed ninja. Help the ninja guy running as fast as possible! Intense dance game will bring you the action screen suffocate and many obstacles. You have a chance to run and jump to overcome everything in sight. You can eat on the way to gold ingots upgrading their skills!

Run 2 Action Games of Japan will try to finance your reaction speed. In each table, you will have to run, jump and glide over obstacles to complete the task. After you run you can upgrade your skills and your speed for a better ninja getaway.

Game play is simple: Tap the left side of the screen to jump and hit right ninja to ninja sliding. Try and uncover the secret ninja for you.

Run 2 really are attracted gamers of all ages as well as by the attractiveness of its exciting offers with the track dangerous, difficult but equally gay and exciting level.

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Tips Run 2 game high scores

Run 2 can be said is a fun game, attractive, exciting but also quite complex. Right from its first edition, Run 2 was quickly attracted large attention of many gamers of all ages, not only by the beautiful graphics, eye-catching, but also because of the fun and entertainment game.


Link :

In this game, you will have to turn into one of the characters has been pre-designed and overcome all challenges and obstacles on the track. You must ensure that your character will not be caught, eaten or whip in the blanks on the road that you take.

The more you run and get coins that are all over the road you will pass, the better your chances of getting faster, better and more go to level. You also get three lives that you can use before the match was restarted but in Run 2 unblocked you have more chance to try. As a player, you should ensure that you have a lot of life left as possible so you can get through these difficult situations arise as the game progresses. The money helps you buy products and get more points from playing your adventure. The more points you have and the better your accuracy and you can jump the gap is longer and deeper than that come up along the way. You’ll have to try new ways and change your route to avoid falls and dies.
A lot of holes are waiting for you. Let’s choose the right time to jump over add! Or, you can change the direction to avoid obstacles . Once you move in That Way, the wall in Run 2 unblocked will be rotated. Try to control the situation well! Especially, you shouldn’t fall.

Run 2 is a fun game that people can play for hours.

Try playing right Run 2 and see how you can run away. Good luck!

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Play Run 2 game on PC

Run 2 is the second sequel of the world famous running game where you can enjoy skiing trough the starts in the universe.


Link :
To be honest, Run 2 gameplay is quite simple and familiar but still attracted quite a large number of players not only new features and attractive but also by a sense of fun that this game brings curious .

We can say, Run 2 has returned to the market with a near-perfect versions and a completely new level. Run 2 unblocked has been designed and improved a lot compared to its first version.

Now, you can play the game and enjoy it in an interesting way without fear of error, because in this version, the error in Run 2 was fixed almost entirely.
Go to Run 2, you will have to run, run and run a lot to overcome the obstacles and to preserve life.

Use the Space bar to jump over the black hole and the arrow keys to steer left or right. The more you pass several levels, the game will be more difficult but more interesting. Very interesting!

This is a really simple game. You first choose between a runner and a skater and after that you will be using the right and left arrow keys and the space bar to navigate through the course. You can always modify these controls though.

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